Iluminarc Adds Style to Historical South Beach Venue

Project date
December 05, 2014

SOUTH BEACH, Fla. — An elegant option for weddings, corporate events, high-profile launches, photo shoots and more, Studio 743 dominates the skyline on Washington Avenue, at the heart of the historic district, with a modern, unique tower lit by nine Iluminarc fixtures. More wash lights from Iluminarc enhance a water fountain with vivid colors, captivating visitors right from the entrance. 

Supplied by HMS Group of Miami, the all-IP-rated gear dramatically changes the white façade of the studio come nightfall. Five Ilumipanel 48 IP and four Ilumipanel 28 IP wash lights color the five-story tower and illuminate the front wall of the building. 

Ilumipanel 28 IP does a great job at packing a sizeable punch of color in a compact and aesthetically pleasing case,” said Product Marketing Manager for CHAUVET Professional Ben Dickmann. “Also, full RGB color mixing puts an entire palette of colors in the designer’s hands.” 

Six Ilumipod 7 IP fixtures provide more depth to a water fountain built in stairs. “Ilumipod 7 IP was specifically designed for low-profile, color-changing applications,” said Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional Ford Sellers. “It also features a rugged IP67 housing, with an integrated glare-hood, which makes this a fantastic choice for situations like this, where discretion and subtlety keep the focus on the incredible architecture.” Featuring RGBW color mixing, Ilumipod 7 IP is the perfect complement to Ilumipanel 28 IP and Ilumipanel 48 IP wash lights used in the rest of the installation.