Iluminarc Brings Historical Neighborhood to Life

Project date
May 30, 2014
Aurora, Colorado

AURORA, Colo. — Contributing to a beautification project lead by the City of Aurora, Iluminarc fixtures were chosen to light a historical area between Dayton and Florence Streets, surrounding the landmark building of Aurora Fox Arts Center. 

aurora 1Fifty Ilumipod Inground Tri-3 IP Optic 25 RGB luminaires bring vivid touches of color from the rooftops of various buildings covering three blocks. “The Iluminarc fixtures are placed inside acrylic globes mounted at the top of the roofs. The power goes to each street pole,” said Rex Baker owner of Denver-based Design Lighting LLC, the company that supplied the fixtures. 

“We chose the Iluminarc lights for their resistance,” Baker said. “We knew they were going be used outdoor and would get rained on, and they have been performing very well.” Baker likes how fast the Iluminarc fixtures change colors, synchronized with continuous LED strips that outline the very top of the buildings. 

Equipped with three 3-watt LEDs, Ilumipod Inground Tri-3 IP has diminutive dimensions, of 7 inches tall and 4.2 inches in diameter. With an ingress protection of 67, Ilumipod Inground Tri-3 IP features a three-ton drive-over-rated tempered glass lens cover and a cement pour kit. Reliable and solid, it’s built with 316 marine-grade stainless steel hardware to protect against corrosive environments and has a 316 stainless steel trim ring. For more resistance, Ilumipod Inground Tri-3 IP is covered in a UV-resistant black powder coat. 

The humidity controlling GORE® valve equalizes internal and external pressure and keeps water and dust away, while the Integrated Cooling Enhancement™ design, or ICE™, amplifies cooling efficiency in the external aesthetics and internal components to ensure optimal operating temperature of the LEDs maximizing the lifespan of the fixture.

aurora 2“I have done a lot of large projects, but as far as something on three blocks — I have never done anything so extensive,” Baker said. “The linear footage is the biggest of all the projects I have worked on. I think it’s a really cool application and something you notice at night when you drive through.” 

The fixtures are controlled with a Color Kinetics iPlayer 3 DMX controller that is used at each block. “All of them are set for one year. There is an astronomical timer on each, which allows for precise programming with various themes: for the holidays, for Valentine’s Day or for Easter,” Baker said.

“We couldn’t go wireless because Colfax is a really busy street and we had to use the controller,” Baker said. “There are six different points where it’s hard wired and they all turn on at the exact same time.” 

A historic landmark, Aurora Fox Arts Center is the city’s performing arts center in the Cultural Arts District. A former movie theatre that was built in 1946, the venue was completely renovated and reopened in March of 1985, now functioning as a 245-seat performing arts facility.

Photo credit: Rod Tanaka,