Iluminarc Enhances Artsy Parking Structure in Puerto Rico

Project date
December 15, 2014
Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Bayamón, Puerto Rico — The multi-level parking structure for the new Hyatt Place Bayamón and El Tropical Casino has been a labor of innovation and love, succesfully incoporating indigenous art with a synchronized show and creative lighting elements. At night, the building structure becomes a canvas drenched in light, also lit by 25 ILUMINARC Ilumipanel 40 IP fixtures, used for their rendition of saturated color and capabilities to function in humid or harsh weather conditions.

“Boscaje Iluminado” was designed exclusively by digital scenographer ANAITTÉ., for the Hyatt Place Bayamón & El Tropical Casino. Comissioned by PRISA Group, the initiative was awarded the “Seventh Annual Excellence in Live Design Award” 2014 in the architainment category by the readers of Live Design Online. The Iluminarc fixtures were supplied by Audio Visual Consultants, Inc. of Puerto Rico.

“I am very happy with how the Iluminarc fixtures look and how they withhold the weather conditions in Puerto Rico, where it is extremely humid and it rains a lot,” said Anaitté Vaccaro, artist, designer, content creator, producer and programmer for the project. “They are outside working every evening, since December — so far so good.”

Sixteen Ilumipanel 40 IP lights are placed along the façade of the structure, mid-wall, highlighting the exquisite art on the murals. Nine of the same fixtures uplight on the ground a white façade, designed in stairs.

Ilumipanel 40 IP gives every range of colors. It’s awesome to have just one light giving all the range of colors,” Vaccaro said. “From a technical and aesthetic angle the Ilumipanel 40 IP covered everything I was looking for.”

The dynamic structure also incorporates a massive video wall displaying content and symbols with a Puerto Rican theme, which carries over the printed artwork of 183 feet wide by 33 feet high lit by the Ilumipanel 40 IP luminaires. This theme is also present inside the El Tropical Casino with four additional unique designs printed on large scale canvas. Every hour, the lights engage in a synchronized dance to the animation and music.

“I am very happy with those lights, and with their easiness to install and to program. I am recommending Iluminarc to other customers I work with,” said Manuel Torres, with Audio Visual Consultants, Inc.

“In Puerto Rico the humidity is very high. It rains almost every day, especially in May and June, and one of the reasons we chose the Ilumipanel was the high IP rating. Actually, the entire installation was done under water so-to-speak, because it rained every day while we installed them,” Torres said. “But everything went well from the very beginning, and right now these fixtures are working perfect.”

Designed as a mid-range architectural wash light, Ilumipanel 40 IP is ideal for uplighting walls, trees or statues. With a slim structure, this fixture blends perfectly with its the environment. Ilumipanel 40 IP is equipped with 40 3-watt RGB LEDs and 30-degree lenses. Reliable in the harshest of environments, this wash light features an impact-resistant glass lens cover and a GORE® valve. Carrying an IP67 rating, Ilumipanel 40 IP has 316 stainless steel screws to protect against corrosive environments, a UV-resistant off-white housing, and Integrated Cooling Enhancement™, or ICE™. ICE™ is a design process that improves a fixture’s cooling efficiency both in its external and internal components.

Photo credit: ANAITTÉ