Iluminarc Marks Church’s 100th Anniversary with Beautiful Color

Project date
December 15, 2014

JONQUIERE, Québec — For its 100th anniversary, St. Dominique Church, a historical landmark in the Saguenay area built in the English neo-gothic style, underwent a beautification process with the addition of 80 Iluminarc outdoor lighting solutions. The all IP-rated fixtures dramatically transform the façade of the Roman-catholic church come nightfall, making it stand out among all of the other edifices in the area. 

“The fixtures are exceptionally bright and deliver rich saturated colors, as well as even and soft pastel colors,” said Serge Lachance with LSM Ambiocréateurs install and design company. Erikson Pro of Canada provided the Iluminarc fixtures. 

Rated IP67, 52 Ilumipod 42 IP lighting solutions, 26 Ilumipod 18 IP fixtures and two Ilumiline 36 IP linear lights drench in color the two towers and the middle section in between, highlighting the windows on the entire façade. The upper section of the towers is discreetly enhanced by variable white versions of the Ilumipod 42 IP and Ilumipod 18 IP fixtures. 

Quebec church 1Reliability and resistance to harsh weather conditions were determining factors in selecting the ILUMINARC luminaires. “Iluminarc offered the adequate range of products, as well as optional optics choices,” Lachance said. “Also, they are all UL and CSA certified.”

One of the challenges during the installation related to the very cold winter temperatures. “The installation was completed during November, when temperatures reached 0°F with the wind chill factor, and winds reaching gusts of 60 miles per hour,” Lachance said. “The building is a historical building whereby attaching lighting fixtures, as well as electrical conduit to the structure had to be done with care as to minimize any visual effects.”

Completed in 1912, St. Dominique church is part of the St. Dominique parish, which was established in 1847. This illumination project marks its 100th anniversary and enhances an important heritage for the Saguenien community. The church hosts various events and concerts throughout the year, attracting visitors with their enormous antique pipe organ—a collection of elements from smaller pipe organs from local surrounding churches that have closed throughout the years.