Mexican Museum Specifies LED Fixtures from Iluminarc

Project date
July 27, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico – Thirty Ilumiline LΩGIC 12 VW fixtures were installed in Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros in Polanco, Mexico City, Mexico, for an exhibit of recently restored murals from artist David Àlfaro Siqueiros. The exhibit was presented by Conaculta and Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (National Institute of Fine Arts), in collaboration with the Swiss Embassy in Mexico.

When remodeling the exhibition space, updating the lighting to a more elegant system was a consideration. The desire was to keep ultraviolet emissions to a minimum—for the protection of the artwork—and to save on power consumption without sacrificing luminosity. LOGIC 4x36 was used to control the fixtures and help strike an exact balance between the cool and warm whites.

The restoration took several months and focused on the works entitled “Mural para una escuela del Estado de Mexico” (Mural for a school of the State of Mexico) and “Trazos de composicion especial del mural la Marcha de la Humanidad” (Outlines of special composition of the mural the March of the Humanity). Ilumiline LΩGIC 12 VW fixtures offered generous uplighting from the museum floor to showcase the work.

Sala de Arte Publico Siqueiros was the painter's house, until he decided to turn it into a museum in 1969. Upon his death in 1974, his family formally dedicated the house and its wealth to the people of Mexico. Today the museum belongs to the National Institute of Fine Arts.

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