Bar Rescue Restores NY Establishment with Help from Iluminarc

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ROCKWAY BEACH, N.Y. – Spike TV’s hit series, “Bar Rescue,” features bar and nightlife expert Jon Taffer and his team of experts who revamp struggling bars nationwide. In the fall of 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Bungalow Bar and Grill, a once-booming Rockaway Beach, NY establishment. In Spike TV's episode airing on October 27, the team used 20 ILUMINARC architectural LED lighting fixtures to assist in the transformation of the Bungalow Bar and Grill. Test image

Working closely with Iluminarc and the “Bar Rescue” design team, Jack Kelly, entertainment technology designer for Eye Dialogue, focused on accentuating the native décor and architecture of the Bungalow Bar and Grill. To revamp the lighting system and create a new look, Kelly lined the top of the cross beams, which are hidden from view, with Ilumiline Logic 36 and Ilumiline Logic 12 to create a stunning visual using color and shadows. 

To light the outside area, Ilumiline 36 IP and Ilumipanel 40 IP fixtures placed at the bottom of each section of wall allow light to travel up the wood-paneled façade and accentuate the lines of the architecture. The light stretches through the gable roof of the patio bar, reflecting the bravura indoors and unifying the spaces.

As with all “Bar Rescue” episodes, the concepts are solid but the timing is intense. Working closely with the extended team of trade professionals, the short completion time required clear communication and commitment. Kelly and his colleague, Alex Miano, worked relentlessly to complete the project and offered continuous solutions as new ideas entered the design scope. With the “Bar Rescue” team unifying the trades, Bungalow Bar and Grill recovered from Hurricane Sandy and emerged a symbol of hope amidst the devastation.

Gear List

2 x Ilumiline 36 IP
2 x Ilumipanel 40 IP
2 x Ilumiline Logic 12
14 x Ilumiline Logic 36
1 x Logic 16 x36 Power Supply
1 x IlumiPod 18IP Optic 15 RGB