ILUMINARC Fixtures Glitter In Washington's Golden Triangle

WASHINGTON DC– Every urban neighborhood seems to rely on familiar buildings to mark its boundaries, but few if any can match the landmarks used to define the Golden Triangle. This 43-block district begins at Dupont Circle and ends at the front lawn of the White House. In between are six national parks and over 200 restaurants, museums and prestigious hotels that routinely play host to world leaders.

Keenly aware of their exalted surroundings, leaders in this community have worked to make the streets of their neighborhood sparkle with extra flourishes. On 19th and L Streets, it’s magnificent Rainforest sculptures by noted local artist Foon Sham that reach 11’ in height. On Connecticut Avenue it’s a lavish array of uplighting from a collection of Chauvet’s ILUMINARC fixtures provided by Barbizon Lighting.

The ILUMINARC fixtures are positioned in tree boxes along the half-mile stretch of Connecticut Avenue that runs through the heart of the district. Warm white light from the fixtures animate the trees and lend a sense of continuity to the thoroughfare, which runs diagonally from the White House to Dupont Circle.

“We worked with a lighting designer to spec the ILUMINARC lights as a way to create a more dramatic presence of the trees, especially in the winter, as you walk along Connecticut Avenue,” said David Suls, Director of Planning & Economic Development for the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District. “The city expanded the size of the tree boxes along Connecticut Avenue as part of the streetscape project so we could install the fixtures.”

A total of 106 Ilumipod Inground Tri-12 IP WW pod fixtures were used in the project. The fixtures were installed inground to flank 53 trees on both sides. The IP67 rated fixtures easily withstand outdoor use. Powered by 12 3-watt RGB LEDs, the ILUMINARC lights have an output of 225 lux at five meters, providing more than enough brightness to warm up the elm trees along Connecticut Avenue.

In keeping with the community spirit that drives the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District, building owners along Connecticut Avenue contributed to the purchase and installation of the ILUMINARC fixtures. The landlords also provide the electricity to power the LED lights in front of their specific buildings.

“This is really a community inspired project,” said Suls. “That’s indicative of the prevailing attitude in this neighborhood. Everyone strives to make this a great place for locals and visitors alike. We saw the ILUMINARC lights as a way to add yet another special detail to the neighborhood. The lights were installed in the winter of 2014, and they’ve surpassed our expectations. They’ve made a positive difference in the community.”