ILUMINARC Lifts Spirits At Dublin's Old Jameson Distillery

DUBLIN, Ireland — Dublin’s Old Jameson Distillery offers a warm welcome to the hundreds of visitors per day who pour through the doors for its tour of the Irish whiskey making process. Recently, when the facility’s management wanted to upgrade the look of the attraction and create a more colorful, festive atmosphere, they turned to Gorilla Design for new lighting. Gorilla added the upbeat touch the Jameson team sought by installing an LED lighting system anchored by Ilumiline LOGIC 12 linear fixtures from ILUMINARC.

Supplied by QLX Lighting, the high output linear fixtures are used to illuminate the distillery’s reception area, café, stairwell, and underfloor of the attraction. Bathing walls and other surfaces in warm, rich colors, the Ilumiline LOGIC 12 units engender a more cheerful mood, while creating a clean unified look throughout the facility, which is the first contact with the brand for many guests.

Gorilla selected the Ilumiline LOGIC 12 fixtures over standard batten units, in part, because their slim line profile could be more discretely concealed beneath the metal frame suspending the glass floor. As a linear solution, the ILUMINARC fixtures provide an exquisite combination of traditional and modern look.

Featuring a light source of 12 x 1-watt 350 mA (4 red, 4 green, 4 blue) LEDs, the Ilumiline LOGIC 12 produces deeply rich hues. The smooth colors produced by the fixture dramatically accent the unique characteristics of the stone foundation preserved in the historic distillery to create a lasting visual impression on visitors.

In addition to the Ilumiline fixtures, Gorilla used 24 COLORado 1-Tri Tour fixtures, 24 COLORdash Par Tri-18 VW wash lights and six wireless WELL 2.0 uplights, all from CHAUVET Professional. An iLight control system was used to create a fully controllable lighting solution for the multifunctional event space, with energy efficiency managed for low running and maintenance costs.

Rob Jones, Gorilla Design MD and Director of QLX Lighting, explains, “Gorilla Design is known and praised for its creative designs and use of event space. It’s essential to know the lighting effects you’ve designed will continue without any problems for some time to come. We use the ILUMINARC range of lighting for its superior quality at a competitive price. ILUMINARC is perfect for high-impact event spaces such as the Old Jameson Distillery because of its reliability and the beautiful high-definition colors it can create.”