America's First LEED Hotel Colorizes With ILUMINARC

GREENSBORO, NC – It may be located only a short drive from one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S., but the Proximity Hotel has a way of making guests feel connected to nature, thanks in part to its flourishing on-site Bluebell Gardens and the 2.5 acres of natural habitat adjacent to its grounds. The environmental connection is more than just aesthetic for this luxury 147-room boutique hotel. In 2008, it became the first establishment in the hospitality industry to receive the LEED Platinum Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council.

Signs of Proximity Hotel's commitment to protecting the ecosystem can been seen everywhere, from its roof with its 4,000 square feet of solar panels, to its geothermal refrigeration system. Not surprisingly, when the hotel wanted to add color changing lighting to its spacious Weaver Room, it selected energy-efficient Iluminarc fixtures designed by Audio & Light and installed by QW Services, both of Greensboro.

“We have been the audiovisual partner for the Proximity Hotel for a number of years,“ said Brian Cox of Audio & Light. “Their Project Team was aware of Iluminarc and floated the idea of installing LEDs in the Weaver Room. The hotel hosts many events in this space that require color LED wall washing. Instead of continuing to use portable LED units on the floor, they decided that permanently installed LEDs would provide a much better experience for their guests, while offering a high level of energy efficiency.“

Cox and his team installed 20 Iluminarc Ilumipod LOGIC Tri-4 circular fixtures and 20 Ilumiline LOGIC 36 linear fixtures in the Weaver Room. With their RGB color mixing capabilities, the new lights are able to accent the 200-capacity room's structural beams and brick walls in an array of rich colors, all while consuming very little power.

“The LOGIC Tri-4 units were placed on each side of vertical steel I-beams in the room,“ said Cox. “We hid the LOGIC 36 lights behind the horizontal steel I-beams. From this position, they wash down on the exposed brick above the windows, which creates a very beautiful effect as the windows open to the natural habitat.“

According to Cox, the small form factor of the 4 inch diameter LOGIC Tri-4 along with its ability to be recessed were both key to achieving the aesthetic goals of this project. “We wanted to accent the structural beams without having the fixtures themselves intrude,“ he said. “The LOGIC Tri-4 was ideal for this – plus its color mixing was excellent.“

With brightness rated at 139 lux at five meters, the LOGIC Tri-4 also delivered the output needed to make its colors stand out. Its beam angle of 16° and field angle of 29° make it easy for the hotel to control the coverage area.

In addition to applauding the color mixing capabilities of the LOGIC units, Cox praised the efficiency of Iluminarc's controls. “Each of the LOGIC fixtures is connected to its own output of two LOGIC 16x36 controls,“ he said. “The LOGIC 16x36 units are in RGB-LINE mode and get their DMX IN from an ENTTEC ODE. We use an iPad running the Vibrio app to set up scenes and presets. The capability of the LOGIC 16x36 to control each fixture independently was essential to the success of this project.“

Based on the response to the new lighting system in the Weaver Room, the project has indeed been a success in every way. “The Proximity Hotel and staff love the added capability in the space,“ said Cox. “Guests love the ability to accent the room with colors depending on their needs.“

What's more, the 50,000 hour light source life for the new fixtures virtually eliminates lamp replacement, which reduces stress on landfills. This and the units' low power consumption put the new lighting system right in line with the Proximity Hotel's longstanding commitment to the environment.