New at Lightfair: ILUMINARC Colorist Series Bridges Gap

LAS VEGAS – Looking for a color wash solution for those tricky applications that fall somewhere in between permanent architectural installations and temporary entertainment lighting rigs? ILUMINARC, the architectural and architainment lighting division of Chauvet, has introduced a new series of IP65-rated fixtures with Quad-Color red, green, blue and amber LEDs, the Colorist Series, created specifically for this often-overlooked “crossover” area of lighting design.

A must-see highlight at the ILUMINARC LIGHTFAIR International booth 5816, the Colorist Series consists of high-output color-mixing RGBA LED pods, panels and linear fixtures that have the adaptability to be used across markets. They come housed in sleek, low-profile white cases that are designed to blend into all types of architectural installations, as well as provide an elegant look when used in public spaces for event lighting. Robust and weather-resistant, the Colorist fixtures are also very economical and easy to set up and/or install.

All Colorist models come standard with IP-rated DMX tails that can be permanently installed in a covered structure or used for chaining together fixtures at temporary outdoor events like festivals. For added flexibility, the fixtures feature a rugged two-way bracket that can not only be bolted or clamped, but also includes a self-standing “foot” for setting freely on the ground during temporary applications. Additionally, the units have been designed with flush-mounted, tempered lens covers to prevent rain and debris from accumulating on them when pointed upward during outdoor use.

Colorist fixtures also offer flexibility in the area of control, featuring simple standalone operation via an easy-touch LED display, as well as multiple DMX personalities for programming versatility. The two linear units in the series, the Colorist Line 6Qa and Colorist Line 12Qa, provide the added excitement of individual pixel control, allowing color fades and wipes to be created in addition to straight color washes. With their IP65 rating, bright output, vibrant color blending, attractive white cases and versatile options, the Colorist fixtures are ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications. Available in a wide range of sizes and fixture configurations, the series is perfect for nightclubs, amphitheaters, hotels, bars, restaurants, churches, festivals, outdoor exhibits – and much more.

“ILUMINARC developed the Colorist Series to fill what we saw was a big gap in the market,” said Ben Dickmann, Product Manager for ILUMINARC. “Designers and installers had no good choices in a color-blending fixture for those ‘in-between’ projects, such as outdoor exhibits or light-duty architectural applications, where optimally you’d want something more substantial than an entertainment light, yet it would be costly and ‘overkill’ to use bulky, expensive units designed for fixed installations.

“The Colorist Series has a unique feature set that makes it the perfect economical and design solution for this large middle-ground area -- all steps between permanent architectural installation and temporary entertainment lighting, indoors and outdoors,” added Dickmann. “We believe this innovative series is going to generate a lot of excitement at InfoComm!”

Here is a closer look at the individual models in the Colorist Series, which will be on display at ILUMINARC/Chauvet Professional’s InfoComm Booth # C5856:

Colorist Pod 7Qa – This pod-style fixture uses 7 x Quad Color (RGBA) LEDs to produce an impressive 1,176 lumens and a base illuminance of 880 lux @ 5M. Compact in size for its bright output, it measures just 10.2 x 5.1 x 10.4 inches (260 x 130 x 265 mm) and weighs 10.8 pounds (4.9 kg). It features stand-alone or multi-profile DMX (4-, 6- or 10-channel) operation.

Colorist Pod 18Qa – The bigger cousin of the 7Qa model, the Colorist Pod 18Qa produces more than twice the output (2,854 lumens, base illuminance 2,232 lux @ 5M), yet is still very compact and lightweight at 13.3 x 5.5 x 13.3 inches (337 x 140 x 337 mm) and 15 pounds (6.8 kg). It contains 18 x Quad Color (RGBA) 15-watt LEDs, which are controllable both manually and via DMX (4-, 6- or 10-channel profiles).

Colorist Panel 8Qa – This versatile 12.7 x 9.3 x 4.5 inch (322 x 235 x 114 mm) RGBA panel is ideal for color-washing walls, stages, exhibits and more. Its 8 x 15-watt Quad Color LEDs emit an output of 1,242 lumens with a base illuminance of 1,005 lux @ 5M. Weighing 11.6 pounds (5.3 kg), the panels offer stand-alone and 4-, 6- or 10-channel DMX control options.

Colorist Panel 36Qa – Packed with 36 x 15-watt RGBA LEDs, the Colorist Panel 36Qa radiates exceptionally bright and vibrant color washes in any indoor or outdoor environment, boasting a brawny 5,206-lumen output (base illuminance 5,070 lux @ 5M). Each panel measures 23.2 x 13.3 x 9.1 inches (593 x 338 x 230 mm) and weighs 36.6 pounds (16.6 kg). Like other members of the Colorist Series, the panel can be operated manually via an easy-touch LED display or programmed with a DMX controller (4-, 6- or 10-channel profile options).

Colorist Line 6Qa – One of two linear models in the Colorist Series, the Colorist Line 6Qa is a 19.5 inch (495 mm) strip containing 6 x 15-watt RGBA LEDs. Not only is it great for washing and uplighting, it also features individual pixel control for creating exciting effects and added movement. Users can avail themselves of five different DMX programming options (4-, 6-, 10-, 24- or 29-channel), in addition to stand-alone manual control. The high-output strip produces 948 lumens and a base illuminance of 781 lux @ 5M.

Colorist Line 12Qa – At 39 inches (990 mm), the Colorist Line 12Qa is twice as long as the smaller 6Qa linear model – and ideal for applications where wider strips of washing/uplighting are needed. Like the 6Qa, it includes individual pixel control for producing stunning effects, with 4-, 6-, 10-, 24- or 29-channel DMX profiles, plus easy manual operation. Its 12 x 15-watt RGBA LEDs yield a powerful 1,811 lumens and base illuminance of 1,382 lux @ 5M. All Colorist units come with 6.6 foot (2M) power and data cables, allowing for convenient and elegant installation. See the Colorist Series in action at the ILUMINARC LIGHTFAIR International booth 5816.