ILUMIPANEL 180 IP Highlights Zimmerman's Mark on the Night Sky

Fort Lauderdale, FL – International advertising company Zimmerman Advertising is no stranger to making bold moves, especially with a client list that includes CBS, Office Depot, ADT, Dunkin Donuts, among other national and international brands. Zimmerman has applied its bold marketing strategy to its own home office, by creating an eye-popping three-story image on the building’s façade that commands the attention of everyone driving down Florida’s I-95 expressway around Fort Lauderdale -- especially when the sun goes down! Standing out against the night sky for all to see, this icon is a bright red reproduction of the Zimmerman ‘Z’ made all the more impressive by the intense light from a single Iluminarc Ilumipanel 180 LED fixture.

Zimmerman wanted to accentuate the ‘Z’ brand on the side of its building on its own merit, and reached out to a local company to achieve the task. The building itself is seen far and wide across South Florida’s Interstate 95, and the inclusion of the illuminated ‘Z’ adds more punch to the building’s powerful exterior.

Jay Krause of Sound and Lighting Solutions was contracted to bring more highlight to Zimmerman’s 3-story “Z,” and Jay chose the Ilumipanel 180 fixture from Iluminarc to accomplish this task. “Using the Ilumipanel 180 was a no-brainer for me since we needed an extreme amount of output and didn’t want to hang a lot of smaller fixtures around the building.” Krause’s choice to illuminate the logo letter creates an indelible impression on passing motorists and strengthens the company’s image in its community. “Our aim was to make the ‘Z’ look incredible, and I think we’ve achieved that for Zimmerman,” Krause said of the project.

Sound and Lighting Solutions used a single Ilumipanel 180 to accomplish the look and feel Zimmerman Co. wanted to achieve. The Ilumipanel 180 has versatile power-up and control functionality, allowing the unit to be controlled via data connections or simply installed, pre-set, and operated via relay. The Ilumipanel 180 also has incredibly saturated colors that allow for ultimate color mixing and matching. “We really appreciated the trueness of the red hue used in the Ilumipanel fixtures to get the saturated red we needed for the project.”

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